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Adam Cheney, LCSW

Adam Cheney2_edited.jpg

Adam is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has spent the better part of 20 years in Southern Utah. He has worked in multiple types of treatment/counseling in acute, residential and outpatient settings. He received his Bachelors and Masters of Social Work from the University of Utah and never looked back. He has a wide range of experience including years working in the medical field specializing in Trauma centered therapies working with families experiencing trauma and loss. He  became well versed in working with DCFS and CPS in multiple states. He spent time working in Behavioral health in the  Emergency Room in Crisis situations, residential treatment and in private practice. This is where he found the experience and understanding to work successfully in both emergent and long term situations. 

He volunteers with the Utah Critical Incident Stress Management Team working with traumatized first responders including Fire, Police and EMS in a variety of situations. He has a passion for Social work and currently teaches for the Utah State court system as well as Utah Tech University teaching social work courses students working towards becoming therapeutic professionals. Adam found a real joy in helping families and individuals find peace and direction in life. 

Adam Enjoys the great outdoors, camping, hiking and pretty much anything outside, especially when it involves his family. He has found balance and fulfillment in life with his beloved wife and children including the new additions that have married his children! He finds that life is usually better when he has a cold Double Caramel Magnum bar fresh from the freezer in his hands.

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