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Pornography Addiction Treatment for Teens

Therapy Associates is the country's leading source for assessment and treatment resources for young people struggling with pornography addiction.  As a program of Therapy Associates, The Youth Pornography Addiction Center (YPA Center)  publishes assessment tools and workbooks for pornography addiction treatment.  Mending The Armor and Star Guides are specialized treatment programs developed for teens striving to overcome problems with pornography.


Download Pornography Addiction Screening Tool (PAST)


Mending The Armor

In the increasingly intense battle for the souls of men, some of God’s most valiant and noble young warriors fall wounded. These young men don’t lie helpless on the battlefield; but instead, examine their armor and add the missing part. Too often, youth are fighting the battle against pornography with willpower alone.  Mending The Armor provides tools to achieve a recovery, eliminating the reliance on willpower alone. 

Youth Support Workshop is held each Tuesday at 4pm

Parent Support Workshop is held each Tuesday at 5pm 

Enroll in our weekly online Workshops

Youth Workshop Tuesdays 4pm MST

Parent Workshop Tuesdays 5pm MST

Cost is $40 per session

The Breaking Free workbook provides a structured, formal approach for youth and young adults for overcoming pornography addiction and its accompanying behaviors.  This workbook has been successfully used by hundreds of youth and young adults since its release in 2010.

The Breaking Free workbook is most effectively used in conjunction with participation in the Mending The Armor Program.  The workbook can be purchased by clients and parents who are participating in the Support Workshops.


Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do as a parent to help my son who is struggling with pornography addiction?

Why can't my son just stop viewing?

Is professional help really necessary? 

Is professional help really necessary? 

How can I distinguish between addiction and inappropriate behavior? 

What is the difference between Mending The Armor and the LDS Addiction Recovery Program? 

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