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Sexual Offenses Treatment for Teens

For young people struggling with maladaptive sexual behavior, Therapy Associates provides treatment services to specifically address these issues.  These behaviors can range from various forms of addiction to pornography, to compulsive masturbation to non-violent sexual offenses.

Each young person's treatment needs are unique, but typically young people struggling with sexual behavior problems participate in weekly individual and/or group therapy. The treatment approach revolves around the RSBI (Recovery from Sexual Behaviors) group which is held each Wednesday at 4:00pm.  This group has been running continuously for several years and has been successful in helping many youth learn to manage their sexual behavior problems.  Research suggests group therapy is the most effective format for treating sexual behavior issues in youth. 

Juvenile Sexual Offenses group is held each Wednesday at 4pm.

Sexual Offenses Treatment

Our therapists have received specialized training in the area of sexual maladaptive behavior, are ATSA(Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers) members as well as NOJOS credentialed. They have attended trainings around the country to become experienced in this area of treatment.

Court ordered treatment includes: 

  • Three Phases of treatment and after-care group.

  • Weekly group therapy sessions.

  • Weekly individual therapy sessions.

  • Family Therapy Sessions.

  • Clarification Process.

  • Owning Up workbook.

  • Pathways workbook.

  • Breaking Free workbook.

  • Regular updates to courts and probation department.

Group Therapy is held each Wednesday at 4pm.

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