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Therapy Associates is among the most affordable counseling offices in the St. George area.  



Therapy Associates fees for services:

  • $150 Initial assessment appointment

  • $125 Individual/family therapy sessions

  • $40 Group therapy sessions

Therapy Associates requires payment at the time of service.  For clients that have insurance coverage, we can provide you with a verification of benefits and help you determine what portion of the cost of treatment your insurance company will cover.


Many insurance companies require that a deductible is met before providing coverage, or may require coinsurance or a copay per session. 

rates on Court-Ordered AssessmentS:

  • $180 Mental Health Assessment                         

  • $180 Substance Abuse Evaluation                     

  • $450 Youth Sexual Behavior Risk Assessment (SBRA)         

  • $700 Adult Sexual Behavior Risk Assessment (SBRA)                                    

Reviewing the Laws

Insurance Options

Our office personnel can run a verification of benefits to determine what portion of treatment your insurance company will cover.

Therapy Associates has successfully billed the following insurance companies:

  • PEHP

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield



  • Humana

  • Tri-Care

  • Select Health

  • Utah Medicaid (Southwest Center Contract)

  • Foster Care Medicaid

  • Medicare

  • Educators Mutual

EAP Plans:

  • Eap Consultants EAP

  • Blomquist Hale EAP

  • Comp Psych EAP

  • Aetna EAP

  • Employee Family Resources EAP

  • Comprehensive Behavioral Health EAP

  • New Directions Behavior Health EAP

  • Mines EAP

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