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youth services



Therapy Associates is a national leader in providing professional assessment and treatment services for children, teens, parents and families.  Located in St. George, Utah, Therapy Associates brings together a highly skilled team of licensed clinical psychotherapists who each bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the practice.

Mental Health Treatment

For youth struggling with personal and relationship issues such as depression, anxiety, stress and trauma.

Substance Abuse Program

Breaking Free from substance abuse problems often requires professional intervention. We provide teens and parents with the help needed to begin the process of healing and recovery.


Therapy Associates is the country's leading source for assessment and treatment resources for young people struggling with pornography addiction

For young people struggling with maladaptive sexual behavior, Therapy Associates provides treatment services to specifically address these issues


Day Treatment at Therapy Associates serves as a valuable resource for local youth that need intensive treatment services.ess these issues


Therapy Associates fees for services:

Therapy Associates requires payment at the time of service.  For clients that have insurance coverage, we can provide you with a verification of benefits and help you determine what portion of the cost of treatment your insurance company will cover.


Many insurance companies require that a deductible is met before providing coverage and many insurance companies require a co-pay. 

  • $150 Initial assessment appointment

  • $125 Individual/family therapy sessions

  • $40 for group therapy sessions. 


Insurance Options

Our office personnel can run a verification of benefits to determine what portion of treatment your insurance company will cover.

Therapy Associates has successfully billed the following insurance companies:

  • PEHP

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield



  • Humana

  • Tri-Care

  • Select Health

  • Utah Medicaid (Southwest Center Contract)

  • Foster Care Medicaid

  • Medicare

  • Educators Mutual

EAP Plans:

  • Eap Consultants EAP

  • Blomquist Hale EAP

  • Comp Psych EAP

  • Aetna EAP

  • Employee Family Resources EAP

  • Comprehensive Behavioral Health EAP

  • New Directions Behavior Health EAP

  • Mines EAP

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