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Audience and Lecturer


  • Natsap (National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs.) Scottsdale, Arizona and St. George, Utah

  • Utah Juvenile Court  Annual Conference St. George, Utah

  • Utah DCFS caseworkers Conference St. George, Utah

  • Utah Juvenile Justice Conference St. George, Utah 

  • University of Wisconsin Mid-West Conference on Child Sexual Abuse Madison, Wisconsin

  • Critical Issues Facing Adolescents Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah

Matt Bulkley, LCSW, Kena Frey, LCSW and Dr. Dan Sanderson each provide highly informative, entertaining and valuable workshops and lectures highlighting the mental health issues that accompany teen pornography and technology addictions.  

Our clinicians have presented at numerous professional conferences around the country including: 

Among the workshops and lectures we provide include:

  • Analysis of the Emerging Problem of Teen Pornography Addiction: What Helping Professionals Need to Know. 

  • Assessment and Treatment of Pornography Addiction.

  • Teens, Tech and Sex: Forecasting Future Trends in Treatment. 

  • Girls, Technology and Sex. 

  • Developmental Vacation: The role of pornography and technology in the stagnation of coping skills.

  • Sexual Offending Vs. Sexual Addiction: A Hybrid approach for treating juvenile sexual offenders.

Teen Psychologist

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