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Outcome measures

Therapy Associates clinicians use a variety of outcome measures across many different domains, ranging from depression and anxiety, to trauma. Clinicians use the measures that matter most to their clients, both in their intake packet and ongoing through treatment.

Easy To Use

Clients can complete the measures on the portal with just a few clicks. Send measures to clients or make measures always available on the portal so clients can fill them out at any time based on your instructions.

Immediate Feedback

Quickly screen for issues at intake and quantify progress to promote discussion, identify trends, and enhance the treatment process.  Clinicians score the clients' responses and provide the results for immediate use. 

Empower Quality Care

Clinicians and Clients use tools to effectively advocate with payers, track client progress, and keep clients engaged between sessions empowering clinicians to give  to address what is needed in session.

Client Driven Reporting

Mobile-friendly outcome measures are quick and simple for clients to complete. Clients can complete their outcome measures in either English or Spanish to follow along in their preferred language.

Outcome Tools Library

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