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Sexual Addiction Recovery Program

Therapy Associates has designed a unique and powerful program to address the needs of marriages that are damaged as a result of sexual addiction.  Therapy Associates offers the sexual addiction recovery program for couples. This therapy is conducted by CSAT (Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist) Daniel Sanderson.

This program consists of a men's recovery group and a spouses support group.  These groups provide healing and recovery for couples who have experienced the harmful impact of the effects of sexual addiction in their marriage.  Individual and couples therapy sessions are incorporated into the program in addition to the group treatment.


Mending The Armor

Individuals struggling with pornography addiction participate in the Mending The Armor recovery program.  Recovering addicts complete the Breaking Free workbook and participate in weekly individual and/or group therapy sessions.  The Breaking Free workbook for men provides a 90 day plan for achieving abstinence and assists participants in laying the ground work for a sustained, long-term recovery from sexual addiction.   

The Breaking Free workbook provides a structured, formal approach for youth and adults for overcoming pornography addiction and its accompanying behaviors.  This workbook has been successfully used by hundreds of youth and adults since its release in 2010.

The Breaking Free workbook is most effectively used in conjunction with participation in the Mending The Armor Program.  The workbook can be purchased by clients who are working with a Mending The Armor Network Therapist.  


Spouses Support Group

Often times, the spouse of a sex addict have been emotionally damaged by the addiction and its accompanying behaviors.  The spouses support group provides a structured format for healing from the betrayal, loss of trust and hurt that so often is experienced by spouses.  

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