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McKenzie Harts, LCSW

McKenzie received her Bachelors Degree in ‘Human and Family Studies’ from Brigham Young University and her ‘Masters of Social Work’ from Arizona State University. McKenzie is licensed as a Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). 


McKenzie lived in Iasi, Romania in 2013 where she worked in the orphanages and was able to provide help and assistance to the children and families involved. McKenzie has had years of experience working with individuals who experience sexual assault, trauma, attachment challenges, greif and loss, domestic violence, and mental health issues. McKenzie enjoys working with individuals of all ages, but has a special place in her heart working with children and teens. 

McKenzie Harts counselor at Therapy Associates in St. George, Utah

McKenzie loves being outdoors and recently experienced swimming with sharks and skydiving. She loves spending time with her family, loves her daily diet coke, and exploring the world because she feels it is important to experience others' culture and way of life.

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