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Michael A. Beacco, LCSW

Hello, my name is Mike Beacco. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I am happy and honored to be working at Therapy Associates. I love to connect with people and help them overcome whatever challenges they may be experiencing. As a certified Mind-Body Bridging therapist, I do not believe we are broken, damaged, or need fixing, but sometimes we need assistance to free up our natural optimal functioning. In this space we are connected to our natural healing, strength, and wisdom that is our birthright.

I have worked in the social work field for over thirty years. I started my professional career in 1990 with the Utah Division of Youth Corrections after earning my Bachelor’s degree in sociology from Utah State University. There, I coordinated and directed a detention diversion pilot program that provided delinquent youth alternatives to detention.

Mike Beacco counselor at Therapy Associates in St. George, Utah

I worked side by side youth completing community service projects, taught social skills and employment skills to the youth and provided parenting instruction to their parents. During this time I developed a passion for working with adolescents, providing them a voice, and helping them develop pro-social skills so they could advocate for themselves and communicate rather than act out.

I was employed for the next twenty- five years with the Utah Division of Child and Family Services where I held various caseworker, supervisor, and administrator roles. I played a part in developing and shaping the state’s Transition to Adult Living program to prepare adolescent foster youth for adulthood. Over a twelve- year period, I had the privilege of assisting hundreds of teenagers during their journeys through adolescence into young adulthood. I also helped implement the state’s HomeWorks model in Washington County, which strives to safely reduce the need for placing children in foster care by partnering with parents and their support systems to address and manage areas of safety and risk. I worked with many families in this regard and honed my abilities to connect with people, see things from their perspective, and validate their experiences, while providing opportunities for growth.

While working full time, I pursued a Master’s degree in social work from the University of Utah, graduating in 2018. I completed Mind-Body Bridging certified therapist requirements in 2019. I have clinical experience in adult substance abuse residential treatment as well as out-patient group and individual therapies at Utah Adult Probation and Parole. I have facilitated many Mind-Body Bridging workshops for DCFS staff.  I have been certified by the Utah Network On Juveniles Offending Sexually (NOJOS) to provide Level One and Level Two juvenile sex offender specific treatment.

In my spare time I enjoy leatherwork, mechanics, gardening, cooking (and eating) Italian food, making memories in the great outdoors, motorcycle rides with my wife, and spending as much time as possible with my children and grandchildren.

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